Kids Rock Band

This upbeat puppet show follows the adventures of Jimmy and Neil as they find some instruments, and decide to start a rock band. The fun begins with lively music performance of original songs – the audience gets the chance to … Continued

Easter Bunny Polka Dot Hop

The Easter Bunny Polka Dot Hop is an interactive show where the kids learn special Easter Bunny dances and songs to help in search of all the eggs and candy that the bunny will leave. There is one special egg … Continued

Mikey’s Trick or Treat Adventure

In Mikey’s Trick or Treat Adventure, Mikey is going trick or treating for the first time by himself.  His parents are waiting on the sidewalk but he is going up to the front door alone.  He meets a friendly skeleton named … Continued

Planet Panic

A musical variety show, hosted by Chuck Universe, and featuring all the planets of our solar system! Alien Chuck Universe is hosting a talent contest between the solar system and the moon and sun. Pluto keeps interrupting…Continued

Elf Nation

A rockin’, dancin’, elven Christmas adventure for kids! Santa’s #1 Elf, Albert, is not happy making toys anymore. He really wants to be a rock star. How to break the news to Santa? Fate steps in, when Santa has the … Continued